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sleep shopping experience in the world.

A new sales concept that will be the talk of the town.

The new commerce is about listening to and, above all, observing our customers. We know that they search, compare and buy in any channel and at their convenience. This is the new challenge we must face.

At KHAMA we believe that the best way to tackle it is with a different and inimitable offer, which is both honest and close. We are convinced that by doing things differently we will find our space. Let’s be a few steps ahead of our competitors!

We offer you a different and inimitable project.

Zone exclusivity

We look for exclusive business partners for each territory, to avoid saturation and/or uncontrolled supply. Not permitting online sales, deliveries and/or offers outside the asigned territories.

Low investment

No need to spend lots of time and money on product development, content creation and web designs, you will be using our ready to go website.

Optimizing shop surface

Only need 20 m2 of store surface. With only 3 mattresses, we are able to make 24 different combinations with which to customize the offer to a multitude of customers.

Reduce warehousing costs

No need to stock many different mattresses, simply stock different firmnesses of sheets, saving almost 2/3 of your stocking space.

We love people

The emotional connection makes us go further than using algorithms. Animating stores with new digital applications, such as the ones we present here, opens up a new language of sensations that connects us more and better with our customers.

Digitize your point of sale with KHAMA.

Virtual assistant, Camilo responds

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows us to transmit to your customer, in a direct way, all the main and differential commercial information through the virtual assistant that interacts with the customer and responds to his questions and doubts by voice, once the integrated camera detects any presence.


VideoMapping, show on the mattress

Animate Khama products to achieve an incredible artistic effect, producing movements through animation (2D and 3D) on the product itself.

This technology allows you to interact with the public and creates a relationship between the product, the technology, your store and the customer that no one has ever experienced before: it changes the color of the upholstered items, shows the inside of the mattress in 3D, demonstrates your arguments with images, surrounded by ambient music, smell and appropriate lighting. A memorable, differential and value-creating experience.


Innovative product: the mattress for couples

95% of KHAMA mattresses are for couples. And more than 25% of them are made in sizes over 150 cm wide.

The zipper is beautiful.

Of course, it is possible to design a mattress with removable covers without sacrificing the comfort and style of a classic finish.

The proof? The KHAMA Original mattress: Pillow top, removable and washable with reversible cover.


123 days of testing. And more.

We call it “to infinity and beyond”.

KHAMA’s main desire is to meet the needs that customers have to rest long and well. It’s not just about selling mattresses. So until we find the right firmness, we don’t stop.

Upgradeable mattress.

By simply changing the top layer of foam, at a very low price and almost instantly, KHAMA mattresses can be upgraded without the need for large investments or waiting for their amortization after 10-12 years. Just as you don’t change your car when you have to put new tires…

How do we know which is your ideal mattress? With a simple division and in less than a minute.

A study of 1200 users has allowed us to design a formula so that, in less than a minute, the customer can know which mattress is the right one for his or her weight and height.

In addition, we customize each mattress bed to adapt it to the needs of each member of the couple.


The mattress that articulates on its own.

The KHAMA Prime articulates by itself! That’s right, it doesn’t need an articulating base, it does it all by itself. With the push of a button on its wireless remote control, the Prime mattress offers all the articulation options in a soft, safe and silent way.

It allows you to elevate the foot zone to improve circulation, or incorporate the trunk to read… or sleep in the zero-gravity position.


The most sustainable.

  • KHAMA models can be repaired and restored or adapted at a minimum cost and with a 90% reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Timeless design or “smart fashion”, independent of passing fashions that force to assume continuous cost overruns in endless redesigns.
  • The design made with independent layers, avoiding unnecessary gluing, produces a better treatment of waste at the end of the mattress useful life.
  • Certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (and in the process of obtaining Ecolabel).
  • In the process of controlling and measuring the carbon footprint for its control.
  • Manufactured with renewable energy, produced by our own photovoltaic installations.
  • Lower transportation and handling costs as it is served rolled up.

Make KHAMA your on-line project

Our investment in digital marketing aims to make the KHAMA brand known to the users who are most interested in buying a mattress.

For all those who wish to make the purchase in the physical channel, in a reliable and nearby store, they will do it in your store, there we will send them. data in 2021


Digital presence

Following the pandemic, the number of people searching for information on the internet and then buying in a physical store has increased exponentially.

Our estimates show that 8 out of every 10 mattress queries on Google last year came from users who ended up buying the mattress in a physical store.

According to Google, was the 5th most visited online sleep specialist store in Spain during 2021.

How can we help you?

As a KHAMA dealer, you will automatically be included in our store directory, one of the most popular contents within the website.

Optionally we can include the authorized point of sale in our marketing campaigns.

During 2021 those outlets that were included in the campaign extensions increased KHAMA visits to their stores between 75% and 100%.


Regular television campaigns

In order to be increasingly recognized by the consumer, since 2019 KHAMA is appearing assiduously in the main television groups nationwide.

The advertising insertions have been carried out in different campaigns in prime time (television prime time) with an average of 450 GRP’s, which has favored greater brand recognition and a notable increase in both web visits and final sales.

Sponsorship 2019: With an investment of more than €100,000 in sponsorship of formats such as El Hormiguero and El Programa de Ana Rosa.

Summer 2020: We invested more than €200,000 in Mediaset and Atresmedia during June, significantly increasing sales.

November 2020: Nearly two-month campaign on key dates to support Christmas and Black Friday with another €200,000 investment.

January 2021: In this sales campaign, advertising was once again key to increasing sales and becoming an increasingly recognized brand.

They already trust us

Another of our strategies to gain notoriety and increase our reputation are collaborations in the online world.

For the last year and on a regular basis we have been carrying out collaborations with different Instagram influencers. These girls and their followers are part of our target audience so their positive opinion and testing of our products manages to increase our reputation and, therefore, sales.

Another ongoing collaboration is with the rest expert blog Alsobre. This platform provides opinions, comparisons and product analysis to advise users on purchasing. The reviews on this blog position us positively in the minds of our potential customers.

In addition, our design and marketing department is constantly generating quality content (videos, posts, spots, etc.) that distributors can share on their social networks.

Your customer may not know it, but chances are he has already slept on a KHAMA mattress.

Many of the best hotels around the world have KHAMA mattresses. And, according to the booking portal Booking, they all meet or exceed the “A” rating for comfort.



Fontaineblau (France)


Punta Cana



Senttix: 30 years of experience


Contribute to the healthy life of people through rest.


We offer products that are sustainably manufactured, durable and recyclable. Our business will have a positive impact on your employees, the community and the environment. We believe that companies should balance social purpose with economic benefits.


Healthy Living. Responsible use of natural resources. Fair play or business ethics. Transparency, honesty and commitment.

KHAMA is the online project of the Senttix group, Spanish manufacturer of rest equipment for more than 30 years. Leader of the rest in various channels with brands such as:

KHAMA Hotel: Accounts for 35 % of turnover. At least 1 in 4 hotels have KHAMA products manufactured by Senttix.

Ecus Home: Collection of simple and honest products. Exclusive for retail.

Ecus Kids, leader in childcare with presence in all channels: retail and digital.

Senttix exclusive brand in the retail of high-end rest.



Senttix has an R&D&I Department that invests in future projects.

It is also committed to digitalization in all areas of the corporation.

  • Industrial processes (robotization)
  • Administrative processes (B2B)
  • Business Processes (Online)